Ani Ozalla Lake Crocodile Enugu State

The Ani Ozalla Lake and Shrine is a natural lake located at Amaigbo Ozalla in Nkanu West LGA near Enugu, where crocodiles which are regarded as goddesses appear from the lake at the command of the chief priest to take offerings from supplicants. The do’s and don’s of the lake;

 (i) For a tourist/ visitors to see the crocodiles you most come with a fowl, kola nut and Palm wine which the chief priest will offer to the crocodiles. When it accepts it that shows you are welcome. (ii) You must have taken your bath before visiting  the lake if not, the crocodiles can never appear (iii) After going for a funeral you are not supposed to visit the lake on the same day. (iv)After having sex, you advised to take thorough bath or the crocodiles will not welcome you. (v)  A woman in her menstrual period is not allowed to visit the lake. (vi)Tourist/visitors legs should not touch each other while on the way to the lake. (vii)The chief priest does not come back late at night when he goes for a function. The crocodile forbids noise making, if their any form of noise it can never appear.

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