Special Adviser on Tourism Development/ GM Tourism Board

Hon. Tony Manfred Nzekwe

I am proud to welcome you to our unique city, a city which boasts of standard and enabling environment, so I will like to share a glimpse of what awaits you once you step into the land of the coal city…. Enugu state We offer many amenities for business, living and recreation, our neighborhood are safe, day and night, our people are hospitable. I personally invite you to visit the coal city, come discover a city proud of its heritage and potentials. Whether a day for business or a night  to party, it will surely be a very memorable one, because our all year round calendar never have a dull moment. Also enjoy our outstanding ethnic cuisines and recipes in our excellent restaurants…. It’s down town –home-cooking. You will never lose visiting our hotels, parks, tourist sites, “ the wonderful spring water of Ezeagu” “Miracle waterfalls of Awhum” “the spell Bounding Scenario of Akwuke/Nyama Beach”  and also our traditional event festivals “Iwa-ji” “Igo-odo” “ofalla” and more, all cumulating to making your stay unforgettable. I look forward to playing your host….

In addition, as an apex body that over sees any tourism development in the state, we have major roles we play in creating an enabling environment for tourism to strive. These are as follows:

  • To identify and schedule tourist potentials in the State and to acquire lands on which such potentials exist.
  • To encourage the provision and improvement of tourist amenities and facilities in state.
  • To advise and carry out schemes and undertaking necessary for the promotion and development of Hospitality and Tourism industry in the state.
  • To advise and carry out schemes aimed at encouraging Nigerians and international tourist to visit the State.
  • Either independently or in co-operation with any person, authority or body whether corporate or unincorporated, to commission, promote and undertake research in the field of tourism.
  • To publicize and provide advisory and information services on tourism.
  • To liaise, as may be necessary, with any person, authority or body whether corporate or unincorporated in the formulation and implementation of programmes designed to enhance and promote cultural festivals as a means of attracting Nigerians and international tourist to the state.
  • To develop and carry out a guided tour programme within and outside the state.
  • To register, classify and grade all Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism enterprises, travel agencies, beauty salons, fashion enterprises, video/film rentals, drinking bars, fast foods centers etc. and Tour operators in the state.
  • To carry out any undertaking which appears to the board to be necessary for the promotion of Tourism Education and development of tourism industry in the state
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