Call for Investors

  • In an effort  to make Enugu state  tourist haven, the Tourism board calls for Stakeholders, private sectors and foreign investors to parnter with it and take advantage of the opportunities abound in the most lucrative industry in the world ..... Tourism. Below are the areas avaliable to private and corporate bodies to invest in:

Ø Akwuke beach-This is the best place for beach resort and other tourism activities, it has  has a cluster of attractions.


Ø Nike Lake – The lake shore is best for resort, picnic, boat cruise and other activities that will interest  an investor.

  • Ngwo park- This place is well spaced that it can accommodate different tourism activities, it is a good place for Amusement.
  • Ø Eze Park –This park is at the heart of the city and  will serve as a relaxation spot for couples and singles.
  • Ø Murtala Mohammed park- This park yearns for theatre or a business complex to be erected in it. 
  • Ø Ezeagu tourist complex – It has a cluster of attractions which is of immense benefit to any investor who wishes to chose the place as area of interest for development.

Ø Ngwo pine forest – Nature has shown its beauty at this site. it is a beautiful place and can used as a tourist attraction, production center flim producers, vacation spot  and also ski resort activities.


Akpugoeze Monkey: Is an ideal place for game reserve, it has over 1 million monkeys and other touristic activities can also be developed at the site. This specie can also be found in Akpugoeze in Oji River Local Government Area, and no other place in the world, the research was carried out by Lynne Baker a biologist and expert in the ecology and conservation,it is called Sclater Monkey the scientific name is cercopithecus sclateri.


International conference center: This building which has a wonderful architectural design yearns for rebranding and re-modeling, when fully developed will serve various purposes but is an ideal place for  international activities. It is located at the heart of the coal city very close to the State Government House.

These areas listed above and more are open for investors and are good business opportunities. The Board promises a friendly and conducive atmosphere to interested companies and persons. v

Tourism the Industry of Tomorrow!

Tourism a double- delight to our pleasure!!

Tourism our Treasure!!!

Tourism a paradise to behold!!!!


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