Ezeagu Tourism Complex

Ezeagu Tourist Complex: Cave, water fall and Lake

The complex is located at the south central part of the State. It is made up of a waterfall, a three kilometer cave, natural spring and a lake. The complex has a unique beautification due to its natural setting. The adjoining cave is about one kilometer away from the fall. The route to the cave is sloppy. Ogba cave has two entrances with three chambers. The first and major entrance measures about 3.1 meters in height and 1.8 meters wide. While the second entrance measures 2.8 meters in height and 1.9 meters wide. The first and the largest chamber is 2,960 meters wide and 13.2 meters high it is inhabited by bats of different sizes, and when disturbed, they take to their flight producing a hurricane sound. The population of the bats runs into thousands if counted. Another significant feature of this chamber is that it has an opening at the top from where sun rays lighten the cave.  Visitors/tourist are advised to walk slowly and to wear light dresses. The site can be accessed through Enugu/ Onitsha express way about 20 kilometer drive from Enugu city turning right into Obunifia- ndino.

Ogbagada River

The waterfall has a large amount of water cascading over the top, creating rainbows in the spray below. There is a belief that the waterfall does not tolerate noise making, hence it suddenly increases to a frightening height when there is noise. ‘Ogbagada is about 23 meters high. The water rushes down the cliff with a thunderous sound that attracts attention. One great phenomenon about Ogbagada is its ability to signal the beginning of the hammatan through an unusual loud noise from the falls and when a titled or aged man in the village is dead, the fall also produces louder sound that the villagers can hear.



Iheneke Lake

Iheneke Lake is a fresh water lake covering an area of about 5sq.km, and it is surrounded mainly by bamboo trees and other flora species. It is a tropical lake with maximum density during the warmest season. During the rainy season, the lake is cold and then cools further as the harmattan advances. It is a lovely place for relaxation. Among the faunas found in and around the lake are Pythons, Guinea fowls and Crocodiles. It is locally believed that mermaid spirits appear in the lake at intervals. However, the movement of the lake can hold tourists spellbound as its direction changes periodically; thus, in the morning the lake flows downwards, at noon it flows upwards and at sundown it becomes stagnant. The sacred laws that govern the Ezeagu tourist complex are; female should not enter Ihu-ogba cave on trousers and pants, widow does not enter Ihu-ogba cave, Ihuneke Lake or Ogbagada waterfall when she is still mourning her husband. And also people are forbidden to make loud noise close to and/or near the fall because it increases its noise to a frightening height when there is external noise by human beings etc.

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