The Commissioner For Information

Dr Udeuhele Godwin Ikechukwu  

Enugu State operates a robust and boisterous information sector that competes favorably with global best practices. Our services links up centre points of our environmental attractions as well as mark up our security networks, thereby making the state a safe haven for visitors and tourist alike.

As an epicenter of development in South East geo-political zone of Nigeria, we back on our enviable historical past as the capital of the former Eastern region.

Our strategies are most compelling for investments and entrepreneurship. We commit our resources towards enhancing the investment profile of the state as we create enabling environment for business to thrive.

As it were, the coal city has distinguished itself as a serene destination centre for conferences, cultural fiesta, investor’s haven, and theatrical performances a.k.a Nollywood activities together with tourism opportunities.

Come to us and harness the fullness of our potentials and have a treat of our specialties. 

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