Tourist Sites

Enugu state is noted for her cultural diversity, beautiful sceneries and undulating plateau. In Enugu state, they can boast of the best type of coal. Our uniqueness and charm comes from Ngwo Pine forest, Eziagu tourism complex, Iva valley coal mine, Awhum waterfall, Opi Lake Complex, Milken hill, Ani Ozalla Lake, silicon hill and other attractions.

There are 17 Local Government Areas in the State headed by Local Government Chairmen, Councilors also exist for wards and there are still Monarchs in each community. But their power is based on influence and tradition.

The Local government areas are:



Enugu East,

Enugu North,

Enugu South,


Igbo Etiti,

Igbo Eze North,

Igbo Eze South,

Isi Uzo,

Nkanu East,

Nkanu West,


Oji River,





 The vegetation is predominantly of guinea savannah type; Rainfall average from 700mm south-west at the extreme northern part of the state to 1000mm towards the south and south-west.

              Indeed Enugu state provides visitors from all the four corners of the globe a fascinating heaven for leisure and business activities. Visit Enugu state and be touched by one or more of these features of our tourist spots, art and craft, ancient historical relics and above all hospitality to tourists and love for peace